Hello, visitor.

My name is Drew Marshall. I live in Portland, OR and focus on brand and interactive design.

I’ve been working as a designer for 9 years. I've worked with a variety of people across a wide range of brands and products. I spent 5 years in San Francisco eating many tacos and focusing on interactive design with startups like Good Eggs and Dropbox. I've since returned to Portland for round two. Whether it's for a brand or an interactive product, I focus on building scalable engaging systems.

With this website, I’ve opted to mostly share projects where I've #1, had a central role and #2, been a part of team. These are all projects indicative of the kind of work I’d like to pursue in the future.

Email me at: my first name @workbydrew.com
Find me on Instagram: @dreeewww
References available upon request.

Oh and feel free to snoop around my Instagram too:

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