Process, Process, Process

The best solutions are born out of a collaborative process of defining problems and developing solutions. These solutions can come from anywhere — not just designers. My role as a designer, is to help synthesize possible solutions and recommend direction.

Philosophy in Three Points:

Process is Key

Process is essential. Any fresh design student can make a cool looking logo, a rad looking website, or an awesome poster. But just because a design looks good, doesn’t mean it is good. If the design solution doesn’t solve for a well-defined problem, it’s not a good solution. Every problem has a million potential solutions. They're almost all wrong. Finding the right solution takes dedication to a process.

Best Practices / Innovation

Good design can’t be only driven by inspiration or by data. Best practices are informed by what's been proven. At the same time, design isn't an exact science. Intuition is a real thing that takes a long time to develop. A designer must know how to interpret the client's needs to develop a great solution. Good design must strike a balance between best practices and innovation that delights.

Don't Be a Master

I don't want to call myself a master of anything. Once you're a master, there's nothing more to learn. That's why I love working as a designer so much — I'm always learning. Besides, the kids keep graduating with great looking work and I've got to stay relevant!