The process of distilling everything a company's essence into a single image is fascinating. A company's logo is the bedrock upon the rest of the visual brand is built. Once it's set, it's hard to change. Think of Yelp's logo. It's terrible, but they've got so much equity built into it, changing it now would be difficult. The more time, thought, and effort a company puts into developing its visual signature upfront, the bigger the payoff later on.

Fort George Brewery

The Fort George Brewery is a brewery in Astoria, Oregon. The brand needed to emphasize the building the brewery is housed in. The letter forms were subtly reworked from an existing typeface and then distressed.


Several website redesigns later, the logo remains.

Good Eggs

Inspiration from The Whole Earth Catalog and the food movement from 50 years ago influenced the visual brand for this startup promising to reconnect consumers to farmers and food makers.

F. Martinelli's

Originally envisioned as the premium offshoot of Boar's Head deli meats, F. Martinelli's wasn't long for this world. I'm still happy with this logo 8 years later.


I made this label for a friend of a friend's delicious macadamia nut porter.

Silk Labs

I worked to develop a combination icon / wordmark logo for Silk Labs, a smart product connector. Featuring, DIN Rounded, rounded terminals add a soft touch to this 86 year old German classic.

2012 Trans-Territorial Canoe Expedition

I created this logo to help fundraise and promote my brother's 2600-mile canoe journey through the arctic — some of the most gorgeous land on earth.

Würstchen Gourmet Sausages

Old regal and German. Except founded in 2013.


Logo for an LLC I started for non-client, side-projects

Los Angeles Board of Tourism

Refinement of central brand and built out system for sub-brands.

Compass Policy Solutions

Visual identity for policy consultancy out of Oakland.


Oh yeah, I worked on a redesign of this site at peak #winning Charlie Sheen. This new logo only existed a few months before they reverted.